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Best Valentines Ever!!!!

  • Friday, February 13, 2009
  • Jeff and Kari
  • I know it's a little early to be making a Valentines post (I started this post several days ago) but Jeff and I actually started celebrating about two weeks ago. Now you might be thinking "Wow, did they go on a trip, or spend the night in a nice hotel, or was there jewelry involved, or maybe they just went to a great restaurant!" Well, my answer to all of this is...NO. Even better, and not quite so conventional. I'll start with Jeff's present, it's not near as cool as mine though (in my opinion).

    If you read any of the Christmas blogs, Jeff has developed a fondness for Rock Band. So I was thinking I'd get it for him for his birthday but I found it on sale, and then it became a Valentines present. It's actually Guitar Hero, something about having the extra cymbal. All in all, its a pretty fun game. Each player can be a different level so the kids can play with him without feeling like they always lose. (By kids I mean me.) Apparently he has now finished the game and opened all the songs but not mastered every level. I'd say we play a little every day, but we do it as a family so it's OK right?

    Now onto my present, the coolest thing in the world, or as others may say: One of the most deadly toxins in the world

    That's right, BOTOX!!!! It's actually something I would have loved to have started getting about 5+ years ago, but being a med student and resident doesn't really leave any extra cash for reducing wrinkles so I had to wait. Well my time has finally come. Jeff took a course this summer in aesthetic medicine and wants to start doing this in his practice and he needed a few people to fine tune his technique and take pictures of for his portfolio. So, being the generous person that I am--I volunteered my face. And by face, I mean every part possible! He did my forehead, "crows feet", and between my eyes. All in all--25 shots. These next few pics would be my before and after shots. I am not that embarrassed to post the before cause the after are so much better.

    I'm not THAT old. How could I possibly have that many wrinkles. Well two short weeks later and I'm paralyzed from the eyes up. OK it's not quite that drastic. I can actually move my eyebrows, but not enough to create any lines.

    As soon as I realized how well this Botox stuff really works, I was ready for something more. I am going to have him fill in some of my left-over fine wrinkles with collagen. I'm not quite ready to have him plump up my lips (no matter how bad he needs to practice). But I won't say I never will. Is it sad to think I might look better in my 30's than I did in my 20's?

    On To The Next Sport (My Favorite)

  • Sunday, February 8, 2009
  • Jeff and Kari

  • I had to get a nod in for my team. Go Wildcats!!!

    I signed up all the kids for basketball, and only Jacob asked for it, but it's a good life experience right. We'll take it kid by kid.

    Jonathan agreed to do it cause I think he just likes to go along with things. There wasn't too much mumbling with the practices and with him being my most athletic child I had high hopes. The first game however he was just getting over being sick and didn't really seem into it. He's kinda sleepy/bored looking. The second game went much better but I think he's still trying to grasp the concept of catching the ball (it's not soccer) and guarding someone. But he seems to be enjoying it.

    Next is Jacob. He asked to play because he wants a trophy in every sport. He does complain about the practices because he'd rather be home playing video games (if only there were a trophy involved in that). The games however are a different story. He's pretty good. I think he does well with a set of rules. Guard this man, after the other team scores go back across the line, throw the ball in here. In the last game he scored points, had assists, forced the other team out of bounds, and blocked shots. Lets hope his height advantage keeps up.

    This is his "I'm Concentrating" face. I like my basketball players mean so I'm OK with it.

    Then there's Hannah. I didn't even tell her I signed her up until right before practices started. Sure enough I heard nothing but complaints. Now she's not the most coordinated child but basketball seems to be her sport. Practices don't always go that well, if she's not directly involved she gets distracted. But I have never seen her try harder than she does in the games. She understands the concepts and actually runs down the court and gets in play. I'm hoping her height holds up too.

    Footnote: Jeff tells me he's going to start deleting the shots he doesn't like because I always pick the badly lit ones to post.

    Cover Models

  • Jeff and Kari
  • Well I'm way behind in the blogging world so I'm going to try and play catch up. A while ago I mentioned that we had some family pictures taken. Well they weren't for us exactly. The hospital puts out a monthly magazine (that goes out to about 10,000 people) and they wanted Jeff to write an article and wanted to include his family in the pictures. Well the girls and Jeff ended up on the front cover and Hannah thinks it's just great. She had to take a copy to school to show her teacher and friends.

    I will say this is probably the best picture Hannah and Rachel have ever taken.

    The boys and I made the family shot inside with the actual article. Those are not our vegetables or even our kitchen though I'd like to claim them.

    The one downside I've experienced with being in a magazine is being recognized when I don't want to be. A couple of weeks ago our washing machine took it's final turn and while waiting for the repair guy and then a decision for a new one, I've been using the one local laundromat. I've been doing the wash just once a week so of course I go there wearing the worst of things so I can wash everything else. This last time Hannah had been sent home sick from school and she was with me. Sure enough some lady walks by sees Hannah and says "I know you from somewhere". Then she looks and me and says "Oh yeah, your the doctors wife, I saw you in the magazine." I'm sure the next question she wanted to ask was "Why are you dressed like that and in a laundromat?" Oh well, Even Jennifer Aniston gets caught without makeup sometimes.
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