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Spring has sprung!

  • Sunday, April 6, 2008
  • Jeff and Kari

  • I think I'd be better at this whole blog thing if I could figure out the technology-end of it to suit my inherit laziness. Here's the dizzying logic--1)I never feel like posting unless I have pictures to post; 2) I have to load pictures on the home computer; 3) I hate to use the home computer; thus 4) I never post. There's a way to network pictures and all of that, but none of that has panned out as of yet and I am too lazy to pursue it any further. So, the frequency of posts will probably continue to dwindle.

    Well, Easter weekend was pretty fun! It was the height of March Madness--always a reason to watch more TV (and continue to contribute to the lack of blogging). Then there was Easter. The pic above shows the kids scrounging up the remaining eggs that were not pilfered by some neighbor's kid at my parents' apartment complex (who steals Easter eggs?). And then there's Uncle Brad who spent the weekend bemoaning his black eye (which he says some horse gave him, though geriatric eye witnesses state it was self-inflicted...that's Brad for ya'. Blaming poor beasts of burden).

    Well, we thought we had settled on Sulphur Springs as the future destination. That is if they ever get a finalized draft of the contract to us! Good thing we're pretty laid back--otherwise there'd be another bald Smith to add to the mix.

    Well, now that the basketball brackets are a bust, maybe life will get back to normal. Not promising anything, though.

    However, I am taking advantage of Photoshop's new foray into the online "photo sharing" world. Check out for more pics from our latest spring break trip to Dallas!
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