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February 2011

  • Sunday, February 27, 2011
  • Jeff and Kari
  • Falling behind on this thing again.  Yet another whirlwind of a month this last month.


    The kids have been playing basketball.  Much to their father's (and mother's for that matter) delight it seems that all the kids are progressing nicely in the sport.  Poor little Rachel though--she can't get the ball up to the net.  In fact, all her shots look like little passes.

    Although, Jeff has only really seen them actually play once.  Their first game he was on call.  The next Saturday was cancelled due to snow.  Then a medical conference and call again.  The perks of fatherhood.

    Although, it's not like little Rachel has had many chances to play.  February has plagued Rachel with illness.  First she had strep throat and had to miss one game.  Then the next week she came down with chicken pox (and, yes, her dad vaccinated her).  That was a fun five days home for Mom.

    Apparently, the germs spread to our vehicles as well.  After going back and forth with a repair shop for a couple weeks with brake issues, the Suburban's ball joint decided to go out--luckily after we had exited the freeway!  The day we get that car back, Jeff's car goes out.  The kids are taking these as signs that we need new cars--they want a "swagger wagon" like Uncle Brad and Aunt Karrie.  For now, they will just have to be content with the video...


  • Sunday, February 6, 2011
  • Jeff and Kari
  • It only took a year for the dogs to be BFFs

    Well, our New Year's blog resolution has stood up about as well as our other resolutions.

    Let's catch-up--shall we?

    Well, Jeff's last living grandparent passed on 1/11/11.  And one day later our youngest living child turned 6--time goes by so quickly.

    Having missed his grandfather's funeral last summer due to Jake's finger surgery, he felt like he should pay tribute this time around.  So, Jeff flew back to Utah for a quick visit for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.  He enjoyed the quick trip seeing all the extended family--despite the circumstances.  Jeff related at the funeral that his fondest memory was spending his Thanksgiving's away at college with Grandpa and Grandma Johnson.  But perhaps an even better memory were those childhood memories of picking raspberries in her backyard or building a dam in their creek with his siblings in near zero snowmelt.  Grandma Johnson will be missed.

    The Kent Johnson girls
    The Dee Johnson crew
    Graveside Dedication
    Unfortunately, the funeral and Rachel's birthday party were the same days.  Which meant that Jeff missed a flurry of 12+ six year olds tearing up the house (we know he was heartbroken).  You know the neat thing about Rachel--she doesn't mind having a birthday so close to Christmas.  Despite racking up plenty of presents two weeks earlier, she took it in stride, and forced herself to tear open a dozen more.  Jeff's most favorite recent memory of Rachel was having her curled up on his lap while watching the movie "Ratatoiulle" (does it bother anyone else that the entire movie is about cooking rodents?).

    A portion of the monster burger that led to Jeff's illness during his stay in Utah
    Rachel blowing out 6 candles
    What else?  Snowstorms a plenty.  Sulphur Springs got hit with record hitting snow a couple weeks back--more than 6" in a single day.  Not to be outdone,. we got another batch this last week.  We think Kari may have had something to do with the last snow dump.  Kari was asked to speak in our local Stake Conference to take place in Gilmer, TX (over an hour away). She spent several late nights preparing her talk.  Two days prior to the event the snow came.  Our little branch was told we could watch a broadcast of the conference at  our building, but Kari would still have to come down to deliver her portion.  Literally hours before the event, our Branch President made the trek down and declared the roads too unsafe.  Kari was called and let off the hook--the only speaker at Stake Conference not to speak.  Her topic was the "Scriptures", but apparently it should've been "The Power of Prayer"!
    What do all kids do in snow?  Eat it--check.
    Make snow angels--check.
    A new tradition?  Kari's snow ice cream recipe for FHE.

    Here's a clip of Jeff teaching the kids a few bad habits in the snow:

    Is it really necessary?

  • Tuesday, February 1, 2011
  • Jeff and Kari
  • You know what bothers me? The way Jeff feels the need to put my picture first in the scroll across the top here. Just because I'm 6 mos older. He wants to do it with our Christmas stockings too. He's taller. He weighs more. So I ask "Is it really necessary?"
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