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Halloween Cookies

  • Sunday, October 18, 2009
  • Jeff and Kari

  • Hannah as...SpongeBob?

  • Tuesday, October 13, 2009
  • Jeff and Kari

  • No, it's not for Halloween, it's for school. The entire 4th grade put on a show called "Lights, Camera, Action" and this was her part. The kids all sang the song and Hannah came running out and did some freestyle dancin'. She hammed it up pretty good and I think she really enjoyed it. However she did have a slight mishap after her solo. Back on the risers she was singing and dancing and fell right off the back. All of a sudden she was just gone. Luckily she didn't get hurt and she jumped right back on. She did however ask if she could transfer to another school.

    Enough is Enough (and now there's more)

  • Monday, October 12, 2009
  • Jeff and Kari
  • A few of weeks ago we had had enough of the 2 straight weeks of rain. It was constant. It was still warm outside and all the kids wanted to do was go outside but it wouldn't stop. So I finally said go anyway. They rode bikes, ran around, and splashed in the puddles. We even decided to grill burgers for dinner. That's right I was standing in the rain grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. And after that we made s'mores. You heard me. We all stood around the grill in the pouring rain and roasted marshmallows, then ate them outside. The kids had a blast and asked if we could do it again the next night. That will teach Mother Nature to mess with me and my impending loss of sanity (I can only take so much running and screaing in the house). Of course now "She's" getting me back. A solid week of rain and it's too cold to go outside.

    In hindsight I probably should have taken her out of the white dress.

    The s'mores were everybody's favorite.

    I think he was trying to drink the water an his arm.

    She's my poser.

    I know he doesn't look it, but I swear he wanted to be there.

    I don't know what she's doing.

    They loved all the puddles.

    Drenched but Happy!
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