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  • Tuesday, June 30, 2009
  • Jeff and Kari
  • We were driving around late tonight and as we pulled into the driveway I told all the kids to go upstairs and get their pj's and I would be up in a minute to help them. Jonathan turns to me and says in all seriousness --"I don't need this thing you call 'help' ". He used air quotes and everything.

    Costa Rica Pics (sorry no beach pics...too busy surfing)

  • Sunday, June 28, 2009
  • Jeff and Kari

  • Great Wolf Lodge & Visit from the Reyes Family pics

  • Jeff and Kari

  • Blog Guilt

  • Jeff and Kari
  • I've got blog guilt. Did you know there was such a thing? I'm behind about 3-4 months and feel like I need to catch up before I go on. I can't blog about what happened yesterday cause I still need to write about what happened mid March. Jeff finally told me that nobody cares anymore about what happened in March and I need to just move on. So I'm going to take a middle approach and write one sentence about the things that have gone on. If someone really needs to know more I will be happy to elaborate.

    1. We took a spring break trip to Galveston and spent our time watching Jeff and Brad surf in the super cold water.

    2. Jeff's birthday was end of March, he turned 33.

    3. More baseball/softball.

    4. Hannah had her first sleepover birthday party and I had to threaten them all at 3:00 am to go to sleep or go home, and Hannah's favorite present was her own pre-paid credit card to use anywhere she wanted (what kind of children am I raising).

    5. Rain, rain, and more rain.

    6. Make-up baseball/softball games.

    7. Field trips out the wazoo, is this where my tax dollars are going?

    8. Hannah learns to roller skate and Jacob learns to bowl, during school hours (again with the tax dollar thing).

    9. I screw up and hold Jonathan's b-day party on Memorial Day weekend and freak out when NONE of the 34 kids invited had RSVP's by the day before (I made some calls and found out there were kids coming--thank goodness).

    10. More baseball/softball.

    11.End of school awards Hannah: all A's and creative thinker award, yet no good behavior awards, sorry I passed on the motor mouth gene.

    12. End of school awards Jacob: Student of the month, all A's, Best behavior in computer lab, perfect attendance, best all around in class, and most flexible (in all of 1st and 2nd grade, I'll take credit for that one too).

    13. Jacob's baseball team wins the city championship--Go Cubs!
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