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2011 - Year in Review

  • Thursday, December 8, 2011
  • Jeff and Kari
  • Well, it's that time of year. For most of you reading this, you have (or will shortly have) received our family Christmas card. Can you believe it? We actually got our card out early this year--such an accomplishment! However, we were forced to play the age old game of printing a family update. Some view an annual update as pretentious or boastful while others welcome the ritual recap. Last year we were of the former mindset and thus forewent the update. This year we were undecided and so took the middle road--we saved some trees and for those that really care what we are up to we give you a blog update (complete with ugly dog pics).
    Our family highlights of the year are as follows:

    First (and foremost) we hit Disney World over Spring Break. This was a first for our family. Most of us had never been to Florida or Disney World (or on an airplane for that matter)! Regardless of how cliche it may be, Disney really did make some great memories and I don't know how we'll top that vacation anytime soon.
    This summer we were able to get together with some of Jeff's siblings down in San Antonio for a couple days as well.
    Bomber (the first Smith family member) past away this summer on the hottest day of the hottest year in Texas. The grief felt by all was eased by the addition of Bunker (aka Bomber Jr) earlier this fall.
    Hot on the tail of reading the Book of Mormon as a family last year, the kids repeated their success by finishing the New Testament.

    We met a (semi-)celebrity favorite at our house--Alton Brown of the Food Network show "Good Eats"! He signed a copy of each of his books for each one of us.
    And probably the biggest change of all this year was courtesy of Hannah. Hannah decided to go vegetarian at the start of the year. Despite all our doubts, she stuck with it and in turn dragged us all (some of us kicking and screaming) in. At this point, the boys plead for meat and savor the weekly bacon we have each Sunday with our traditional waffles.

    As far as individual family member updates:

    Rachel started first grade this year. As a result, we have three of the kids at same school for the first time ever. Rachel is definitely the family social butterfly--she will engage anyone at anytime about any topic. She is following after her older sister in degree of selectivity in her clothing. She learned how to tie her shoes this year, but still has not learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.
    Jonathan got baptized this summer. He enjoyed having his cousins all come down and having his aunts and uncles participate. Jonathan loves riding his bike to school everyday--in fact, last year he and his brother were the lone riders and had to get special permission from the school to even allow it. This year they've recruited two more riders to their two-wheeled uprising. Jonathan is always trying to find someone to play outside.
    Jacob decided to join Hannah this year in the eyeglasses club. It may be due (not really) to the fact he wears his eyes out reading so much every day. Or it might possibly be the ever growing taste for video games. Jacob continues to receive countless comments about his goldilocks and thus he allows his hair to grow in Samson-like fashion.
    Hannah is trying to sever her ties to childhood. While only 11, she pines for the activities of teenage lore. It might have to do with the fact that she started middle school this year. Everyday is a new battle for the perfect outfit and the perfect hair. Shopping has become her vehicle to attain her goal of perfection (much to her mother's delight). Middle school has brought countless new clubs and opportunities for our ever distracted oldest.
    Jeff continues to work as a solo family physician. Despite trying to rein in the scope of his practice, his time constraints continue to narrow. As a result, his time to find new hobbies has diminished and so rather than delving head first into new hobbies, he's skimming the surface of other family members' hobbies--like taking Hannah's vegetarianism to the extremes of raw/veganism and back. Or dabbling in Kari's running. Give him a month and he'll move on (or steal yours).

    Kari continues to rule the roost. But with power comes great responsibility--mainly responsibilty for the animals (humanoid or not). She continues to pop into Jeff's office from time to time to keep the dust off her nursing scrubs. As far as what goes on behind the scenes at home--she likes to keep it underwraps.

    Well, that's the latest for the year 2011. Here's to wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas this holiday season!


    Lorie said...

    Awww, that was awesome!! Makes me miss you guys a ton. Love your writing style! (it is Kari, right?) I laughed through the whole thing (with you, not at you!). Way to go with the scripture reading!! Wish I could endorse the vegetarianism but my dad raises beef so I need to change your minds. :). Great update and looking forward to getting the actual card....assuming we made the list one more year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Miss you guys!!

    Cecily said...

    Love it! I didn't know you had a blog! Sweet. And....seriously? You met Alton Brown? I'm so jealous.

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